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The liquid level sensor for water utilities has been designed to provide reliable and accurate level measurement of fluids that, because of their composition, can prove challenging to measure by conventional sensors.

Electrically conductive, highly viscous or corrosive liquids and liquids with suspended solids such as  sewage, effulent, colloids, flocculents and sludges and slurries are some examples of the types of fluids that can be used with the sensor.

Developed by refining the established and proven capacitive level measurement technology used by Gill, the sensors wetted parts have an FEP coating that provides a non-stick measurement probe without any holes, moving parts  or hidden voids, eliminating build-up which can lead to inaccurate measurements, false echos or leave sensors remaining permanently tripped.

Additionally, being a conductive sensor means that it can be used in tanks of all material types and is unaffected by any film that builds up on the walls of the tank which can be problematic for capacitance based devices.

Unreliable or inaccurate measurements caused by a build-up of residue or suspended solids in the liquid can lead to a loss of product due to unintended overflow or tank draining, even more critical when dealing with environmentally harmful materials, where it is crucial that tanks do not overflow.

The sensor probe has been engineered so that it does not require any additional mechanical support in the tank, whilst being robust enough to withstand any strong agitation in the tank that may be present. The single, smooth probe also facilitates the serviceability of the sensor should any cleaning be required, simply wipe with alcohol wipes.

Available with three output options and rated to IP69k, the sensor can also be configured to compensate for irregular shaped tanks providing a true volumetric output, essential for process inventory measurements.