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1615 LEVEL DISPLAY Level Sensors



The Gill S1 Liquid Level Displays can be programmed to ‘map’ the shape of a tank so that they are showing true volume rather than just liquid height. With 29 bright LEDs and a seven segment panel, the displays provide both a quick visual reference and an accurate numerical reading in real-time.

Fully programmable with a low level alarm, the displays are compact and lightweight for easy installation on dashboards and instrument panels.

  • Profiling for irregular shaped tanks    
  • Easy installation
  • Low level warning and volume display                
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Fully configurable          
  • 29 extra-bright LEDs


  • Voltage supply:
  • ±12VDC 2.8V
  • Sealing:
  • IP65
  • Voltage input:
  • 0-5V
  • Supply current:
  • <140mA @12V

Custom Level Sensors

Gill Sensors & Controls have designed and built a wide variety of custom liquid level sensors to specific customer requirements, for applications ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles to high performance race cars.

Custom Level Sensors

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