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Robustness and reliability are the key attributes of an industrial liquid level sensor and the Gill capacitive, solid-state Rxl level sensor has been engineered to meet those requirements. With no moving parts and a reinforced mounting flange the sensor will provide you with accurate level measurement and durability over its extended service life.

Manufactured to your specific length specification and calibrated in your liquid type, the sensor has a fully configurable analogue output. The reinforced SAE 5-bolt mounting flange is specifically to support longer sensor lengths and/or high vibration/shock installations, ensuring reliability across all the length and liquid type options.

  • Capacitive, solid-state technology    
  • Wide range of compatible liquids
  • Reinforced aluminium construction            
  • SAE 5-bolt flange mount
  • Lengths from 500mm up to 1500mm   
  • Configurable analogue output of 0-5V


  • Output accuracy:
  • ±1% @ 50% full scale deflection (20°C)
  • Output range:
  • 0.25V – 4.75V
  • Length:
  • 80mm - 1500mm (customer specified)
  • Weight:
  • From only 200g (dependant on length)
  • Supply voltage:
  • +6VDC to +24VDC

Custom Level Sensors

Gill Sensors & Controls have designed and built a wide variety of custom liquid level sensors to specific customer requirements, for applications ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles to high performance race cars.

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