Flow Sensors

ultrasonic flow measurement

Suitable only for Formula 1
and Le Mans prototype applications


Ultrasonic flow measurement

Utilising over 20 years of experience in design and development of ultrasonic flow sensing technology, we produce bespoke, high-accuracy flow sensors for liquids and gases.

The flow sensor technology uses the ultrasonic 'time of flight' principle to determine flow rate, with minimal intrusion into the flow path. With no moving parts, the flow sensors give excellent long-term reliability unmatched by mechanical paddle-wheel, impeller and hot wire flow sensors.

The majority of our flow sensors are custom designed for the application in which they will be used. Our design teams are often able to utilise existing electronic assemblies, packaged in a bespoke sensor housing. This not only significantly shortens the lead time to delivery but also reduces sensor development cost.


ultrasonic flow measurement


  • Market leading step response time (2 kHz internal measurement rate)
  • Flow rate up to 8000ml/min
  • Bi-directional flow measurement in high transient condition