Ignition Modules

Gill ignition modules are designed to control naturally aspirated, turbo-charged and lean-burn engines operating on LPG, natural gas and biogas. Both the GS and GT versions are designed with the latest inductive ignition technology to provide a powerful spark with long duration, enabling complete combustion of low calorific value fuels as well as lean air/fuel mixtures.

They have been specifically designed for the stationary gas engine market, however the modules are also currently used in a wide variety of portable and industrial vehicle applications.

GT6 Angle 2


  • Up to 1,500 microseconds of continuous spark duration
  • Single or Dual Pickup Timing Input
  • Easy to use Windows® based software
GS12 Angle 2


  • For use on any engine from 1 to 12 cylinders
  • Real-Time Secondary Diagnostics
  • Meets and maintains strict Emission Compliance regulations