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The new Blackwater Holding tank Sensor from Gill Sensors & Controls is now in stock and available to order.

New Video: The Gill 7014 Blackwater Holding Tank Sensor

The Blackwater sensor can be used for more than Blackwater.

27/02/2017 @ 11:20

Energy Harvesting Extends The IoT To Billions Of Smart Assets.

24/02/2017 @ 10:45

Wearable sensor measures skin hydration.

22/02/2017 @ 10:45

World's largest commercial aircraft engine fired up for the first time.

20/02/2017 @ 11:45

Massive wind turbine takes energy generation record.

17/02/2017 @ 10:40

What is the Internet of Things?

15/02/2017 @ 10:40

Hydraulic muscle makes for tougher, stronger disaster-site robots.

Blackwater Holding Tank sensing – it’s a piece of cake!

See our New Blackwater sensor at METSTRADE 2016.

Gill at METSTRADE 2016.

Oil Dipstick Sensor for Gearbox Manufacturing Line

New video: How to fit GSlevel 4223 Flanges

Gill's North American Business Development Manager cycles from London to Paris

5 things you need to know about Condition Monitoring

New video: GSposition environmental test

Liquid level sensor keeps Hawaiian swimming pool topped up

Gill to bring gearbox condition monitoring innovation to Seawork 2016

5 reasons to visit Gill at Seawork 2016

Gill’s evening on the quay returns to Seawork 2016

Gill Sensors Introduces New Oil Condition Monitoring Technology at Sensors Expo

Infographic: Mechanical breakdown - avoiding the pitfalls

Gill to present measurement and control innovation at Sensor + Test 2016

Gill at Plant & Asset Management 2016

Gill Introduce Oil Debris Sensor to EURASIA Automation

Launch of the brand new website!

Gill continue to supply the Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter to Formula 1

Gill acquires calibration company

Blade Sensor installed on earthquake simulator

360 rotary sensors improve 3D printing

Visit PPG and Gill Sensors & Controls at PMW 2015

Black water measurement game changer

New level configuration software

Download Position Sensor Technical Paper

Gill Sensors & Controls Celebrates 1st year

Absolute Position Sensing Technology presented at SAE 2015

New product innovation at SPE Offshore Europe

Gill launches new level sensors with flexible mounting options

Fast and flexible level measurement now comes as standard

Full ahead with marine innovation at Seawork 2015

Condition Monitoring Sensors to be launched at Maintec 2015

Gill Expands Position Sensors into North American Market

The Fastest Sensors on Four Wheels: Fuel for Rocket Speeds

Bloodhound SSC Interview with Kevin Murray: Part 2

The Fastest Sensors on Four Wheels: Feeling the Force

Bloodhound SSC Interview with Kevin Murray: Part 1

Gill expands production capabilities with new facility

The Fastest Sensors on Four Wheels: GSC & The Bloodhound Project

Video: How the Blade360 Rotary Position Sensor Works

Gill Sensors teams up with PPG to give a winning advantage.

10 Most Diverse Vehicle Applications

Gill level sensors keep Mongolian locomotives running

Gill Sensors ‘gives wings’ to a rare historic aircraft

Gill’s Rotary Sensors selected by world-leading performance gearbox manufacturer

Reliable sensors – can you afford not to fit them?

Gill Sensors improve in-service reliability on fleet of hovercraft

Racing Kart Throttle Position Sensor developed

Gill debuts new seaworthy sensors at Seawork International

What is Great Design?

Sensor developments on the grid

Characteristics of sensor technologies in harsh environments

How does capacitive level sensing work?

What are the principles of Induction position sensing?

Miniature Liquid Level Sensors Improve Mission Optimisation for UAV’s

5 reasons to choose Induction over Hall Effect sensors

Capacitive vs Float sensors. Which one wins?

8 Facts about Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Gill induction position sensor used on tobacco cutting machinery.

Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter homologated for 2014 F1 Season

Oil Debris Sensor prevents mechanical breakdown of speed reducer

Advantages of capacitive level sensors for marine users

Gill ranks in Tech Track 100

High temperature liquid level sensing

Remote, High Temperature Liquid Level Sensors

Gill Sensors’ Blade25 Used In Accelerator Pedal Application

Gill Technology Improves Car Handling Performance in IndyCar

Gill Sensor Technology Used in Record Breaking Unmanned Aircraft Flight

Custom Throttle Pedal Position Sensor for Formula 1 Team

F1 Clutch Position Sensor Developed

Intrinsically Safe Liquid Level Sensor Developed for Coal Shearing Machine

The use of the Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter in F1 and WEC explained

Humanis Pegase Wins 24 Hours of Rouen using Gill Fuel Level Sensor and Display

F1 DRS Rear Wing Position Sensor Developed

Micro Position Sensor Developed for Racecar Gear Shift Position Feedback

Gill Introduce Next-Generation Miniature Position Sensors at AUVSI 2012

Angled Fuel Level Sensor Designed for Autonomous Helicopter

Hydraulic Oil Level Sensor Designed for Cement Grinding Mill

Inductive Proximity Switch Developed for Military Gearbox

New Fuel Flow Sensor Designed for Race Car Installations

UAV Miniature HT Ignition Coils

New Level Gauges Display Liquid Volume in Irregularly Shaped Tanks

New Micro Liquid Level Sensors

New Software for Linear Display of Liquid Level in Irregular Shaped Tanks

Oil Catch Tank Level Sensor Designed for 2011 Le Mans Series

Paramotor Fuel Level Sensing

Pit-lane Refuelling Tank Level Sensors for Le Mans Michelin Green X Challenge

Threaded Engine Oil Level Sender Designed for GT Class Race Car

3m Long Water Level Sensor Designed for Offshore Wave-Height Measurement