Why choose the Gill LevelSlick Water Utilities Sensor?

✔ Eliminates false or innaccurate readings caused by residue build up.

By having a solid, cavity-free sensing probe with a homogenous non-stick FEP coating, the sensor does not suffer from residue build-up in sludge and foul water leading to inaccurate liquid level readings.

✔ No periodic cleaning or maintenance required.

With no moving parts and no holes or cavities to block, there are not any locations allowing build-up of residue and solids. This means that accurate and dependable level measurement can be delivered without the need for scheduled cleaning or maintenance.

✔ Provides reliable measurement for difficult to measure conductive fluids.

Unaffected by suspended solids and with ingress protection to IP69K, the 7014 ater utilities sensor will work with any conductive fluids in any installed environment. Mechanically robust enough to be unaffected by stirred or sloshing fluids and suitable for use with corrosive or acidic liquids or additives, the sensor will continue to perform with even the most difficult fluids.

✔ Low installed and lifetime cost.

As a fully integrated sensor with all the electronics built into the sensor the ater utilities sensor is easy to install. Not requiring any additional mechanical support within the measured vessel simplifies installation, keeping the installed costs to a minimum.

With minimal maintenance requirements and no parts to wear or corrode the sensor delivers an extended service life with low cost of ownership.


✔ Can be installed in all tank types, impervious to build-up on vessel walls.

By using conductive technology, the sensor does not rely on the tank walls for its measurement function, meaning that its performance is not affected by any build-up or deposits that may accumulate. Supplied with tank profiling functionality, the sensor can be configured for all tank shapes providing a true volumetric output rather than a simple level reading.


✔ Easy to integrate into control and operating systems.

Available with Voltage, Current and Resistive outputs, the sensor makes it easy to install into existing control and operating systems, or to connect it into remote, cloud-based data systems for those installations which are unmanned or off-grid.