Performance Gearbox Shift Position Sensor

Performance Gearbox Shift Position Sensor

The non-contact 360° rotary position sensors from Gill have been chosen by Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) to measure shift position for their latest range of high performance transmissions.

The new gearbox is PPG’s 6-speed sequential selection system that has been designed to upgrade one of the most commercially sold gearboxes on the market: the Tremec T56/TR6060 Magnum, which is fitted to over three-million vehicles worldwide.

Installed as part of the micro-actuator system, the rotary sensor uses Gill’s proven induction technology to accurately measure gearshift barrel position. It is linked via a closed loop system to a gearbox control unit (GCU) that monitors the data readings to determine exactly when a shift has been made.

This, in turn, notifies the pneumatic actuator in order to mechanically execute the change and adjust the throttle accordingly to correspond with rpm, engine torque and road-speed. Accuracy of the rotary sensors is key in order to provide a faster, more positive and more accurate gear change that requires less effort by the driver.

The sensors’ magnet-free design offers a key benefit when fitted inside a gearbox casing, as it does not attract any stray metal particles that could cause a build up and consequently a malfunction. Additionally due to the sensor being located inside the gearbox, the removal of moving mechanical parts provides greater reliability and eliminates conflict with other working mechanisms.

With a unique two part design, the sensor provides 10 bit resolution, 0-360° single turn measurement and achieves a level of accuracy within a tolerance of less than 1%.

“The accuracy and sensitivity of the gearshift sensor is paramount to the effective operation of our new 6-speed sequential system and the driver experience”, said David Gammon, PPG’s Global Operations Director. “We have been delighted with the performance of the Gill 360˚ rotary sensor. It has proved to be the perfect choice and will now be supplied as standard in our Tremec gearbox upgrade kit.”

The 360 rotary position sensors are now fitted to the gear set as standard for the TREMEC gearbox kit.

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