Gill WearDetect oil debris sensors are a proven solution to this issue. Already installed on thousands of wind turbines globally, WearDetect has become a vital tool in the fight against serious damage and downtime.  

The sensor continuously collects and measures the presence of ferrous wear metals in oil 24/7, 365 days a year, trending the internal wear rate of gearboxes and bearings over time, identifying abnormal increases of the warning indicators and enabling prediction at the early stages of a failure. The sensors can be connected to a plc/condition monitoring system, allowing the process to be monitored remotely, without the need for physical inspection. 

In addition, the sensor has options to either measure and trend changes in the temperature or dielectric properties of the oil, enabling detection of water presence or no-oil scenarios.

WearDetect is a powerful multi-point predictive maintenance tool and, according to customers, at a price point that delivers real value at an affordable cost for wide scale deployment. WearDetect – truly helping keep the blades turning!




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