The ignition control system

The ignition control system has been designed for naturally aspirated, turbo charged and lean burn 1-12 cylinder engines running on natural gas, LPG, propane landfill and bio gas. The ignition system gives complete control over the ignition spark characteristics with comprehensive real-time system diagnostics.

The ignition control system combines a sophisticated ignition module with inductive ignition coils. The inductive ignition technology produces just enough energy to cross the spark gap, with the remaining energy used to maintain the spark. This long spark duration ensures complete combustion of the air/fuel mixture, increasing engine efficiency, reducing emissions and reducing spark plug wear.

The ignition system has been designed for gas engines with 1 to 12 cylinders. Each system combines ignition coils (one per spark plug), an ignition module, inductive pickup, timing wheel and optional digital display. In addition, the ignition system can be specified with a CSA approved shielded enclosure in which the igniter can be mounted. Advanced Spark Diagnostics can be specified on most systems.

Ignition Control Module

Ignition Control Module



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