Historic Aircraft Level Sensor

The Gill capacitive oil level sensor has been supplied for a Flying Bulls 1944 historic aircraft to provide accurate and dependable engine oil level measurement.The Flying Bulls, which is a collection of 18 classic aircraft based at Salzburg Airport in Austria and supported by the eponymous energy drinks brand Red Bull, contacted Gill about their liquid level sensor because of its high quality, reliability and ability to fit within a confined installation space.

The Flying Bulls required reliable sensors that could be integrated into the original cockpit display and which would retain the historic characteristics of the aircraft.

With the tank comprising of a self-sealing rubber bag with a cast aluminium top plate, modification was not possible, and space was extremely limited above the tank aperture. The high quality, motorsport proven, sensor provides the durability, strength and reliability that the crew were looking for under the high vibration, high dynamic loading and variable temperature conditions that are experienced on such an aircraft.

Gill provided The Flying Bulls with state-of-the-art technology for a vintage aircraft, which would provide the reliability required.



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