Capacitive Level Sensing

Capacitive Level Sensing


Gill Sensors capacitive liquid level sensors are often constructed from aluminium, stainless steel or carbon fibre allowing Gill to cater for harsh applications from fuel tanks in Formula 1 race cars, to oil transmission systems in mining and industrial machinery.

For level sensor calibration, reference measurements at empty and full tank levels are taken. Generally, the dielectric constant value of the liquid being measured is also required, to enable calibration of the sensor at its ‘full’ level. With the empty and full outputs set, liquid level sensing comes down to relating the sensor output proportionately to these two set points.

The plates of a capacitor can also be designed as a concentric tube and rod, with the advantages of reduced interference as well as improved mechanical stiffness and robustness, as engineered in the Gill liquid level sensors.

All signal processing is managed on-board with the fully integrated electronics. Dielectric fluctuation caused by temperature change is managed using offset values stored within the sensors memory, which are typically programmed by Gill during factory calibration.

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