Anaesthetic Gas Flow Meter

Anaesthetic Gas Flow Meter


North American Drager, a leading manufacturer of healthcare equipment required a sensing solution which monitors gas flow in their next generation of anaesthesia machines. The machines monitor the anaesthesia delivery system and provide ventilation to healthcare patients.

The Challenge

A new sensor assembly was required to measure respiratory flow rates using ultrasonic transducers and the time-of-flight principle. The assembly is required to process flow rate information providing a pulse train output compatible with the existing Drager Spiromed electronics.

The Solution

Gill Sensors & Controls research and development arm designed a Sensor Assembly consisting of a flow sensor housing which mounts in the patient circuit, two sensor assemblies which mount on the flow housing and an electronics assembly to control the transducers, process the data and provide output.

The meter was designed so that the flow head and ultrasonic transducers could be connected via a short cable to the top of the absorber and fully integrated with the Oxygen and pressure sensors.

The Results

  • A sustainable and cost effective air flow product which reduced equipment costs due to fewer PCB sub-assemblies and external modules being required
  • Centralised processing which removes unnecessary processing power and communications
  • Reliable air flow monitoring and confidence that accuracy is maintained
  • A highly accurate and easy to install sensor product, built to requirements within restricted timescales