Air/Fuel Ratio Control

The Gill Air/Fuel Ratio Control System provides cost-effective emissions control for stationary and portable industrial gas engines. The system automatically controls the optimum air/fuel ratio throughout the engine's use, ensuring the engine remains continuously in compliance with emissions.

The Air/Fuel controller has been designed to control air/fuel ratio of both rich (Stoichiometric) or lean burn industrial gas engines. The system improves engine efficiency and eliminates the requirement for constant manual engine adjustment often associated with other air/fuel ratio control technologies.

The Air/Fuel Ratio Control System allows for multiple setup and configurations to allow control of Air/Fuel ratio on most industrial gas engines.
The complete system combines an Air/fuel Ratio Control Module, Fuel Valve, Wide Band Oxygen Sensor, CSA certified shielded enclosure (optional) and a Digital Display/Controller (optional).

GILL Zerodrift air fuel ratio system

GILL Zerodrift air fuel ratio system

4 stroke air fuel control system

4 stroke engine operation